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1)The word alter in the 1st paragraph is closest in meaning to 1) adapt. 2) change. 3) revise. 4) vary.

2)The rate of nuclear decay in rubidium-87 1) is always the same. 2) changes over time. 3) depends on temperature. 4) depends on temperature and pressure.

3)The half-life of an element 1) is a reliable way of measuring sample size. 2) is a measure of decay rate in radioactive elements. 3) is considered an unreliable way of calculating age. 4) s approximately half the age of the atoms it contains.

4)What can be inferred about the reliability of using radioactive atoms to calculate ages of rock samples? 1) The reliability increases over time. 2) The reliability decreases with older samples. 3) The reliability of the parent atom is greater than the progeny. 4) The reliability of the progeny atom is greater than the parent.

5)The word essential in the 5th paragraph is closest in meaning to 1) redundant. 2) stable. 3) dependable. 4) vital.

6)According to paragraph 5, what happens to an organism after it dies? 1) It tends to deteriorate rapidly. 2) The various carbon isotopes decay. 3) The supply of carbon-14 is no longer replenished. 4) The stable carbon isotopes deteriorate.

7)According to paragraph 5, why can’t scientists compare the ratio of carbon-14 to nitrogen-14? 1) The amount of nitrogen-14 is not predictable. used his mill as a hiding place for his silver. 2) The ratio of these two elements doesn’t change. 3) Nitrogen-14 has an unpredictable decay rate. 4) Carbon-14 tends to evaporate too quickly.

8)Conventional experiments of vocal learning in birds__________________ in the laboratory. (CONDUCT)

9)But such studies are much more difficult to do in the wild. The researchers__________________ the challenges in the new study by focusing their attention on Savannah Sparrows living at Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island. (OVERCOME)

10)The sparrows on this island often return to the place of their birth to breed as adults. That made it possible for researchers to expose young birds to novel songs and then record those same animals when they__________________ from migration to breed the next year. (RETURN)

11)Mennill’s team, __________________ researchers from the University of Windsor, University of Guelph, and Williams College, developed a new type of loudspeaker that is programmable, solar powered, light activated, and weatherproof. (INCLUDE)

12)The speakers allowed them to broadcast adult songs with distinctive acoustic signatures for the wild sparrows over tutoring sessions that lasted for months. Over a six-year period between 2013 and 2018, they experimentally, __________________ five cohorts of Savannah Sparrows, from the time they hatched to adulthood. (TUTOR)

13)Across the five cohorts, thirty birds produced songs that matched the broadcasted songs. Those songs differed from anything the birds would have heard otherwise. In all thirty cases, the researchers report, the birds produced songs__________________ phrases (CONTAIN)

14)The critically endangered Javan leopard (Panthera pardus melas) is one of the__________________ subspecies of leopard. (THREATENED)

15)Yet to date, it has received little conservation attention and its population status and distribution remain__________________ known. ( POOR)

16)To address this gap in knowledge, the researchers used species distribution modeling to predict the locations of suitable leopard habitats throughout Java, based on the most extensive Javan leopard____ dataset available. (OCCUR)

17)The __________________ map greatly improves those previously produced by the government of Indonesia and International Union for Conservation of Nature. (PREDICT)

18)For example, it adds six new priority landscapes and reveals that the leopard population spans several __________________fragmented landscapes, which are far more isolated than previously thought. (HIGH)

19)The study also highlights the__________________ of maintaining connectivity between protected areas and human-modified landscapes, because adjacent production forests and secondary forests were found to provide vital extensions for several Javan leopard subpopulations. (IMPORTANT)

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