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Тренировочный вариант ЕГЭ 2021-2022 по английскому языку КИМ №210315 (№14) для 11 класса с ответами и решением для подготовки к экзамену на 100 баллов от 15.03.2021 (15 марта 2021 года), вариант составлен по новой демоверсии ФИПИ.

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1)Algebra made the girl (narrator) feel

  • 1) confident
  • 2) happy
  • 3) miserable
  • 4) proud

2)All her classmates

  • 1) were eager to answer
  • 2) were reluctant to answer
  • 3) hesitated to answer
  • 4) were slow to answer

3)The words’ mental fitness’ mean

  • 1) health
  • 2) intelligence
  • 3) strength
  • 4) endurance

4)The grandfather helped the girl because

  • 1) he did her homework
  • 2) he mad her work hard
  • 3) he explained that algebra was useful
  • 4) he taught her a new approach to the subject

5)When the narrator says ‘the barren tumbleweed landscape’, she means

  • 1) her grandfather’s inner world
  • 2) the wasteland behind their house
  • 3) their badly kept garden
  • 4) an unpleasant view

6)The grandfather sent his granddaughter letters with puzzles because he wanted her

  • 1) to be better educated
  • 2) know something new
  • 3) to share his interests
  • 4) understand algebra better

7)The grandfather was very much interested in

  • 1) changes
  • 2) fluids
  • 3) multiple meanings of things
  • 4) tennis

8)Nearly 300 years ago, many children from poor families (sometimes as young as four) worked as chimney sweeps. It was hard, dirty and __________ work. The pay, however, was very low. (DANGER)

9)So on the first of May chimney sweeps were allowed to have some fun and celebrate their ‘Sweeps holiday’. Dickens described these __________ in gis works. (CELEBRATE)

10)In 1860, Parliamnet passes a law that made it __________ (LEGAL) to use young boys to clean inside chimneys, and the __________ (TRADITION) celebration died out. But in the 1980s, Gordon Newton, a Rochester __________ (HISTORY), decided to revive the sweeps holiday. He __________ (CAREFUL) researched the sweeps’ tradition and studied Charles Dickens’s descriptions of the event. In 1981 Newton organised a small parade with a group of dancers.

11)The festival has now become very popular and attracts many thousands of __________ (VISIT).

12)People have always tried to make their life safe and comfortable – and that has always benn the main reson for _______________ prjgress. (TECHNOLOGY)

13)However, even the most _______________ of our achievements cannot compare with the wonders created by nature. (IMPRESS)

14)Wise nature equips all the creatures with appropriate instrumnets – wings, fins, teeth, sharp vision and hearing. Animals, fish and birds have a wonderful sense of ________________ (DIRECT)

15)People seem to be the most _______________ of all living beings (HELP) bit they were given brains as a _______________ tool for survival and development. (POWER)

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