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1)What is NOT the reason why owners take their pets on holidays with them? 1) It costs less money than leaving them behind. 2) Pets prefer to stay together with their ownets 3) All pet owners can afford to take their pets with them. 4) It is more fun to walk them somewhere else

2)The reason why the French millionaire had to travel so often is that he wanted to see his… 1) mother. 2) family. 3) friend. 4) dog.

3)The French millionaires friend advised against taking the pet across the border because… 1) it was almost impossible to accomplish. 2) the people living nearby might tell the police. 3) it could only be done at night when it’s dark. 4) he needed a special permit to do that

4)How did the author react to what the French millionaire told her? 1) She didn’t understand him. 2) She felt sorry for his problem. 3) She agreed with him in the end. 4) She was confused by what he said.

5)The word “fathom” in paragraph 9 means to… 1) believe. 2) understand. 3) predict. 4) suspect.

6)The Englishman on the plane informed the security about the tortoise because he wanted… 1) to see what would happen to the author and her daughter. 2) the author and her daughter to be arrested by the customs office. 3) to make sure everything was fine with the animal. 4) the officer to check if the author was carrying anything illegal.

7)The purpose of this article is to… 1) entertain. 2) persuade. 3) instruct. 4) inform

8)The history of the Olympic Games started around 776 BC. Ancient Greeks held the Olympic Games every four years in honor of gods. The Greeks treated the games as a fair. City leaders talked politics and sometimes even signed treaties. (THEY)

9)The city filled up with numerous travellers who came at the temple of Zeus in Olympia from distant places the excitement. Shouting sellers sold food and drink. Most of all, however, people gathered to watch the running contests, the discus throwing, the chariot racing, and the wrestling matches. They cheered on their favourites. (WITNESS)

10)The strongest and the athletes, who came the first in the contests, became the winners. (SUCCESSFUL)

11)Although they received only crowns of leaves as trophies, they were celebrated as heroes in their home (CITY)

12)Poems in their honor. (WRITE)

13)Sometimes, they even received free meals and the front-row seats at different public events. (GOOD)

14)The ruins of the Olympic Stadium were discovered in 1875. In 1896 the modern Olympic Games were held in Athens to honor the ancient Greeks. (ONE)

15)It can be really hot in the south of Spain. At times it seems to be caked with heat. A light breeze is a real blessing, as it whispers in the silvery leaves of hundreds of olive trees. Some of the trees in these groves were planted 200 years ago. (DUST)

16)Though But today the of the olive groves often do not work on their farms. Tenant farmers do this for them. Tenant farmers farm other peoples land and pay rent in money or by giving the owner a share of the crop. (OWN)

17)In the last 50 years millions of Spaniards who could not make a  from the poor soil of their farms have moved to work in (LIFE)

18)big cities like Barcelona — the centre of Spains region. But whether a family is staying in Barcelona or on the farm, they try not to miss a fair, especially if it is Seville’s annual April Fair. (INDUSTRY)

19)The fair begins around noon, with a parade of riders and carriages. All the men dress in black and the women in bright colours. (COLOUR)

20)The fairground is filled with music. Dancers move to the sound of guitars and the snap of castanets. (RHYTHM)

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