МЦКО май 2020 английский язык 5 класс демоверсия задания и ответы


МЦКО 2020 рубежная проверочная работа по английскому языку 5 класс, официальный тренировочный вариант (демоверсия) для подготовки к МЦКО. Проверочная работа проводится в мае 2020 года в Москве с целью определения уровня подготовки учащихся по английскому языку.

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Некоторые задания с демонстрационного варианта:

1)On Sunday Jane gets up at _____________________ o’clock. 

2)Jane goes to the swimming pool after _____________________.

3)Jane has lunch with her _____________________. 

4)Jane has tea with _____________________.

5)After dinner Jane plays with her _____________________.

Раздел чтение (Прочитайте тексты A–D и подберите к каждому тексту соответствующий ему заголовок из списка 1–5. Используйте каждый заголовок только один раз. Один заголовок лишний.)

1. Learn more about animals

2. Watch animal performances

3. Be an artist

4. Learn science

5. Walk and enjoy nature

A) A visit to the Moscow Zoological Museum is a perfect way to spend a day together as a family. Grandparents and parents, grandchildren and children can find something new to learn about all kinds of animals. It is always an exciting and magical day for everyone!

B) The Polytechnic museum can teach children a lot about physics, biology and other sciences. But these lessons will never be boring. Children can do a lot of different experiments and learn a lot about natural science and the surrounding world.

C) There are hundreds of theatres for children all around the world, but this one is very special. The Moscow Cat Theatre is home and workplace for many smart and playful cats. These fluffy actors enjoy doing different interesting tricks. Everybody loves cat shows!

D) Art museums in Moscow have educational clubs that help children understand Arts better and learn more about painters and sculptors. There are interesting drawing classes for kids and their parents. During the classes they can learn more about paintings and even draw their own pictures!

7)Прочитайте диалог. Для каждого пропуска, обозначенного буквами А–D, выберите один подходящий вопрос из 4-х предложенных.

1)Sam: Hi, Jane! _____________________(A)

1)What books do you like to read? 2) Whose book is this? 3) What is her name? 4) How many books are there?

Jane: My favourite books are about Russian history.

2)Sam: It is great! ____________________ (B)

1) Do you like it? 2) What’s its name? 3) Who gave this book to you? 4) Is she your friend?

Jane: Lisa. She always gives me interesting books.

3)Sam: I see. ____________________ (С)

1) Is she from your class? 2) Is this book interesting? 3) What’s she like? 4) How old is she?

Jane: Yes, It’s really exciting.

4)Sam: And Lisa? ____________ (D)

1) What does she like? 2) What’s she like? 3) How is she? 4) What is she?

Jane: She is smart and kind. We are good friends.

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