входная контрольная работа по английскому языку

Английский язык 9 класс входная контрольная работа варианты с ответами 2024


Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс варианты задания с ответами ФГОС учебника Spotlight Афанасьева, Верещагина, Комарова, Биболетова, Кузовлева rainbow english. Данные варианты вы можете использовать для проведения стартовой диагностической работы в начале 2024-2025 учебного года 1 четверти или триместра. Повторение изученных тем за курс 8 класса.

Входная работа по английскому языку 9 класс

Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку в 9 классе

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Вводно-диагностическая работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

Входное тестирование для 9 класса варианты с ответами

Задания и ответы с 1 варианта

Task 1 . Choose the necessary word.

1. My sister, who/ which is very beautiful, is arriving today. 2. He’s bought the toy who/ that she was looking for. 3. Jerry’s father has been building his country house for/since ten years. 4. Alex wanted a car for/since her last birthday. 5. The textbook (wrote/was written) by Andy. 6. Five people (have killed/have been killed) in а plane crash. 7. А famous designer (was built/built) the bridge. 8. Mikki _________ play the piano very well. And what about you? a) can b) should c) must 9. _________ he help you with this task? a) Could b) Must c) May 10. It’s raining. You _________ take an umbrella. a) can’t b) don’t have to c) should

Task 2. Choose the right preposition (of, to, by, boff, in).

11. It contains the largest display… toy dolls. 12. The most successful men and women of that period showed … their wealth wearing silk, woolen and linen clothes. 13. If I was invited …my friends dinner party, I would think twice what to wear. 14. It was … fashion to wear their hair long with lots of colour threads in it. 15. We’d recommend you to travel… bus.

Task 4.

22. Mathematics … hard. I don’t understand it.
a) are c) is
b) was d) were

23. Last summer we wanted a relaxing holiday, so we … to stay on a small island.
a) chose c) had chosen
b) have chosen d) choose

24. Excuse me, do you speak English? I … for a hotel.
a) look c) was looking
b) have been looking d) am looking

25. There is going to be a big art exhibition. It… a lot of visitors.
a) will attract c) has attracted
b) attracts d) attracted

26. The police officer said that every house in that street … already by the police.
a) had been searched c) search
b) were searched d) searched

27. While we … for the train, it started to rain.
a) waited c) were waiting
b) are waiting d) was waiting

28. The result of his investigation … in the newspaper soon.
a) publish c) be published
b) will be published d) is published

29. We … a new computer not long ago. Now the job will be done much more quickly.
a) bought c) had bought
b) was bought d) have bought

30. When they arrived home, their children … outside the door waiting for them.
a) sit c) was sitting
b) were sitting d) are sitting

31. He was sorry that he … to me for so long.
a) didn’t write c) haven’t been writing
b) hadn’t been writing d) hasn’t been writing

32. Everybody in our team played … except the captain.
a) the worst c) worst
b) badly d) bad

33. Small shops are not as … as supermarkets.
a) more convenient c) convenient
b) most convenient d) the most convenient

34. You know much, but you know … than your teacher.
a) little c) less
b) least d) much

35. The ring you found … be returned to an old lady who had lost it.
a) must c) are to
b) can d) have to

36. Sarah is a very good pianist. She plays … piano very well.
a) a c) an
b )the d)-

37. The comic told silly jokes, but nobody laughed … him.
a) on c) under
b) at d)about

38. That’s an easy question! … knows the answer!
a) All c) Each
b )Every d) Everybody

39. I didn’t have much time, but I … visit a lot of places of interest in London.
a) had to c) must
b) was able to d) can

40. We feel sorry … Sam because he hasn’t got any friends.
a )by c) with
b)about d) for

Задания и ответы с 2 варианта

1. Have you ever visited other countries? — Yes, I… to Italy and France.
a) was c) had been
b) have been d) would be

2. I feel really tired. We … to the party last night and have just returned home.
a) went c) had seen
b) has gone d) was going

3. At the beginning of the film I realized that I … it before.
a) see c) had seen
b) saw d) have seen

4. When the bus stopped in the small square, Helen … her magazine and didn’t realized at first that she had
arrived at her destination.
a) read c) was reading
b) reads d) had read

5. My sister’s son … in tomorrow’s race, because he is too young. They do not allow riders under sixteen.
a) won’t ride c) wouldn’t ride
b) shan’t ride d) doesn’t ride

6. A beautiful bridge … in our city. It will be finished next year.
a) builds c) is being built
b) is built d) has been built

7. It has been raining for two hours. I hope it … raining soon.
a) stops c) would stop
b) shall stop d) stop

8. Television has many advantages. It keeps us informed about the latest news, and also … entertainment at home.
a) provide c) is provided
b) provides d) provided

9. On the other hand television … for the violent behaviour of some young people, and for encouraging children to sit indoors, instead of doing sports.
a) blames c) is blamed
b) blamed d) would blame

10. Some millionaires have lots of money and … what to do with it.
a) don’t know c) won’t know
b) didn’t d) knows

11. How … at college? You didn’t say much about it in your last letter.
a) do you get on c) will you get on
b) are you get on d) are you getting on

12. When you … in this city again? — In a month.
a) arrive c) have you arrived
b) arrived d) will you arrive

13. Every time that I miss the bus, it means that I … walk to work.
a) has to c) had to
b) have to d) could

14. Every time when I missed the bus, I … to return home late.
a) must c) can
b) had d) may

15. That was great! It was … meal you have ever cooked.
a) good c) best
b) better d) the best

16. This exhibition is … interesting than the previous one.
a) little c) least
b) less d) the least

17. We saw … good film last night. The film was about the love of a girl to her cat and dog.
a) a c) —
b)the d) an

18. Everybody agrees that … happiness is very important in the life of people.
a) — с) а
b) the d) many

19. In the past people lived in … harmony with the environment.
a) a c) the
b) an d) —

20. When they arrived … the station, they rushed to the platform not to miss the train.
a)to c)in
b) at d) for

Задания и ответы с 3 варианта

1. Stop ……. time playing computer games and do your homework! A losing B missing C wasting

2. Jenny isn’t here, she ……. at her friend’s house tonight. A stays B is staying C will stay

3. When we were in Rome, we went on a guided ……. of the city. A tour B excursion C expedition

4. Since Brian has always been interested in the stars and planets, it’s no wonder he chose to study ……. . A Astronomy B Engineering C Chemistry

5. Be careful! You ……. into that car! A will crash B are crashing C are going to crash

6. Can you please get ready? There’s ……. time before our guests arrive. A a lot of B very little C few

7. Little David has ……. much taller since the last time I saw him. A developed B increased C grown 8 This school ……. in the 1960s. A was built B built C had built

9. ……. I use your phone, please? A Should B Must C May 10 When we don’t water flowers they ……. . A will die B die C are dying

11. Paul ……. going to bed late, so he always feels sleepy at around 11:00 pm. A didn’t use to B isn’t used to C doesn’t get used to

12 John usually has ……. eggs and some orange juice for breakfast. A scrambled B roast C grilled

13 Susan’s father works as an air traffic ……. at the airport. A programmer B warden C controller

14. Mark really needs to speak to you. He ……. you every five minutes for the last two hours! A ’s been calling B ’s calling C was calling

15. If you buy more than three books at this shop, they ……. you a better price. A are giving B would give C will give

16. The chicken is OK, but the rice is a little ……. . A raw B overcooked C rare

17. James had to ……. schools, because his family went to live in a different part of town. A leave B move C change

18. After the huge earthquake, the small village was left ……. ruins. A on B in C by

19. Jenna grew tired of her long hair, so she decided ……. short. A to be cut B to have it cut C it was cut

20. Liz informed us that she ……. tickets to the show yet. A hadn’t found B didn’t find C hadn’t been found

21. You don’t need a ……. to get on the Internet. A data B software C password

22. Maths ……. my favourite subject when I was at school. A has been B were C was

23. Can you repeat what you said ……., please? A clearer B most clearly C more clearly

24. Kenneth ……. his hometown since he came to live in the city. A hasn’t visited B hasn’t been visiting C wasn’t visiting

25. Are you sure this is ……. leather? It doesn’t look like it. A original B genuine C realistic

26. I usually like eating out, but tonight I’d like ……. at home. A eating B I eat C to eat

27. Frank ……. for six hours without a break, so he decided to stop somewhere to rest. A had been driving B drove C was driving

28. Stephen is very ……. because he does weightlifting five times a week. A plump B overweight C muscular

29. You ……. get a taxi to the airport. I’ll give you a lift, if you want. A mustn’t B don’t have to C can’t

30. Paul wanted to buy that DVD player, so he asked the salesman how much ……. . A did it cost B it cost C it costs

31. What would you do if you ……. someone famous? A had met B met C would meet

32. James spends a lot of time on his computer ……. with his online friends. A chatting B telling C texting

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