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11.11.2021 Английский язык 9 класс статград ОГЭ 2022 варианты АЯ2190101-АЯ2190102


Новая тренировочная работа №1 статград по английскому языку 9 класс ОГЭ 2022, тренировочные варианты АЯ2190101 и АЯ2190102, письменная и устная часть. Официальная дата проведения работы 11 ноября 2021 год.

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Задания письменной части ОГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 9 класс:

Задания устной части ОГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 9 класс:

1)The owner of the car 1) needs to pay for parking his car. 2) lost his phone at the shopping center. 3) parked his car in the wrong place.

2)What do we learn about Jennifer’s mother? 1) She makes dresses. 2) She has a job. 3) She plays the piano.

3)Cindy is 1) in pain. 2) happy. 3) afraid.

4)On Sunday Anna will be 1) doing homework. 2) cooking chicken. 3) going on a picnic.

5)Ice hotels can be found on different continents.

6)Artists who help to build ice hotels do it for free as volunteers.

7)Snice makes the ice building stronger.

8)Mattresses, blankets and pillows in ice hotels are all made of snow.

9)Even though made of ice, ice hotels always keep the temperature in rooms above zero.

10)Ice hotels are popular places for big family celebrations.

11)Visitors to ice hotels can learn to do something new while staying there

12)Lisa was afraid of dogs. When she was in the __________________ grade, a homeless dog bit her.

13)When she was 14 she still __________________ forget the fear and the pain.

14)Lisa lived close to her school. It took her just ten minutes to walk. But she always took a school bus because it was __________________ this way.

15)But today the weather was wonderful. Yellow and red __________________ on trees made everything look magical. Lisa decided to walk and take pictures on the way.

16)She almost made it to school when she saw them. A pack of homeless dogs eating something from a McDonald’s paper bag that somebody __________________ away the day before.

17)Lisa panicked. To get to school she had to pass by __________________ dogs! Suddenly, she felt somebody touch her hand. It was a little girl from elementary school.

18)“__________________ you afraid of the dogs?” Lisa asked her. The girl didn’t say anything but nodded. There were tears in her eyes.

19)All of a sudden, Lisa felt strong and brave. “__________________,” she said. “They are busy eating. They won’t notice us.”

20)She held the girl’s hand firmly in __________________, and together they safely reached the school.

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