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11.11.2020 Английский язык 9 класс АЯ2090101 АЯ2090102 варианты ОГЭ 2021 статград ответы и задания


Ответы и задания для тренировочных вариантов АЯ2090101, АЯ2090102 по английскому язык 9 класс для подготовки к ОГЭ 2021, официальная дата проведения тренировочной работы №1 статград: 11.11.2020 (11 ноября 2020 год).

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1)The passengers are flying to 1) London. 2) New York. 3) Chicago.

2)Anna and Sophie are meeting to 1) shop for books. 2) watch a film. 3) have coffee.

3)On Mommy’s birthday the family are going to 1) relax in the waterpark. 2) play board games. 3) watch a new musical.

4)The weather forecast for tomorrow predicts 1) strong wind. 2) heavy rain. 3) warm sun.

5)Before 1926, it took men more than 15 hours to swim across the English Channel.

6)Gertrude Ederle was born in Paris.

7)The first time Ederle tried to swim across the English Channel, she was successful.

8)Ederle could swim and sing at the same time.

9)For almost a quarter of a century Ederle was the fastest woman who swam across the English Channel.

10)During her life, Ederle tried different professions, including being a swimmer, an actress and a teacher.

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