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УМК Spotlight 4 модуль контрольные работы по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами


Новые контрольные работы по английскому языку 9 класс УМК Spotlight по 4 модулю, задания с ответами для проведения контрольной работы в 9 классе 2020-2021 учебный год.

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку 9 класс к УМК Spotlight по 4 модулю:

1)Translate from Russian English the expressions: Гладить, удовлетворять наши потребности, атомная энергия, творчество, искусственный интеллект, преодолевать трудности, понимать образную речь, роботы – домохозяйки, постригать газон, принимать решение.

2)Use one of the best ways to express future situations: a) The train (to arrive) at 5 sharp. b) They (leave) to Moscow tonight. c) Look! There is a stone on the road. He (to fall). d) I think I (join) you today in the evening. e) We (to pass) our exams by June. f) Don`t ring me up in the morning I (to have breakfast) at 7:00 o`clock.

3)Use the verb in the Present Simple or Future Simple Tenses: 1. If you (to cross) the road in red, you (to be fined) 2. As soon as he (to come) home from school, he (to call) me. 3. When she (finish) doing her work, she (to go) for a walk. 4. Before the teacher (to give) the test, he (to explain) the rule. 5. Until the children (to help) their parents, they (not to get) sweets. 6. Don`t leave until you (to switch) off the light in the room.

4)Fill in the gaps with the expressions: transfer, anti-virus, connect, store, download, Internet connection, laptop, run a search. 1. If the screen is frozen, try to check your computer with the … … program. 2. You can … the information using e-mail. 3. What`s wrong with your …? The cursor is stuck. 4. I can`t send the information. Check the … …, please! 5. Where do you … the files? 6. The computer has crashed. Try to … … to check the viruses. 7. There are many free sites where you can … the music to your MP3 player and enjoy listening to music. 8. Have you tried to reboot your computer and then … it to the Internet once again.

5)Use the necessary preposition: on, to, out, up. 1. We`ve run … of bread at home. Go to buy some, please. 2. Anyone can sort … this problem even a child. 3. I promise you I will definitely help you any time you need. You can rely … me. 4. I have to fix my car. It will take … much time.

6)Translate from Russian English the expressions: Писатели-фантасты, готовить обед, выгуливать собаку, человекоподобные товарищи, пылесосить ковры, иметь знание, ум, эмоциональные ответы, умение рассуждать, убирать дом.

7)Fill in the gaps with the words from exercise 1: 1. … … wrote about rockets to the moon, the Internet and robots. 2. There are robots which can … the … and help about the house. 3. It is true that robots have already learned to …. the …. and to … the … but they have no … to think. 4.I know that there are some robots which can …. the … . 5. Do you think that it is possible to create robots with … …? Yes, I am sure they are our future. 6. What about the …. …. which can walk, talk and … the …. of many things.7. Robots have some problems: they can`t give

8)A Fill in the correct phrase. • figurative speech • artificial brain • phone line • email account • broadband connection • emotional response

9)Oh, no! I’ve accidentally…… all the photos on my hard disk.

10)Let me make a copy of these files before you … .them to your computer.

11)The reason why your computer is so slow is that it needs more….

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