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Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса Spotlight 11 Vocabulary and Grammar с ответами


Тест по английскому языку для 8 класса с ответами Spotlight 11 Vocabulary and Grammar для проведения в 2021-2022 учебном году.

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Тест Vocabulary and Grammar 8 класс:

I.Fill in: invaders, preserved, unique, consult, invisible.
1. Many Hindu temples were destroyed by Islamic _______________ in the 8th century BC.
2. The managers of the business firm frequently __________their lawyers for legal advice.
3. Artists visit Greenland for the island’s _______________atmosphere and magnificent
4. It is a beautiful town with a picturesque harbor and well-__________ building.
5. The peaks of the mountains were ______________ from down belong because of the fog.

III. Choose the correct item.
1. I want to hear whole / all truth.
2. No one / Anyone cared that it was raining.
3. Is / Are there any money left.
4. You can do it some / any way you like.
5. A few / A little of us suffer from travel sickness.
6. Some children like broccoli, although many / a lot of do not.
7. I’ve been working hard each / all day and now I’m tired.
8. James didn’t know the answer neither / either.
9. Some / Any people prefer to work in the evening.
10. I can’t find no one / anyone to help me with this.

IV. Give English equivalents for:
1. Я уже упаковал чемоданы и спускаюсь вниз, чтобы выписаться из отеля.
2. Проверь по списку имена всех, кто присутствует.
3.Вы не можете подняться на борт самолета без посадочного талона.
4. Мы с трудом нашли свой багаж на ленточной платформе.
5. К сожалению, из-за погоды наш рейс отменили.

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