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Пробный вариант №211129 ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс 100 баллов с ответами


Новый пробный тренировочный вариант №7 КИМ №211129 в форме решу ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс для подготовки на 100 баллов от 29 ноября 2021 года. Данный тренировочный тест составлен по новой демоверсии ФИПИ экзамена ЕГЭ 2022 года, к тренировочным заданиям прилагаются правильные ответы и решения.

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Решу ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс вариант №211129:

Задания и ответы для варианта ЕГЭ 2022:

1)Peer-pressure, as described by the author, is … 1) a strong factor which can predetermine a student’s career choice. 2) a fashion with teens who are choosing a career path. 3) a temporary phenomenon which ends with school without any further effect. 4) a serious problem when a student suffers bullying from their peers.

2)The author warns students against … 1) having role-models. 2) relying on themselves. 3) being demanding to their parents. 4) blindly following authoritative advice

3)The aim of a psychometric test is … 1) to suggest a range of interests for the student to choose from. 2) to give a general psychological portrait of the student. 3) to match the student’s abilities and interests. 4) to place the student into the right kind of job.

4)By ‘anti-propaganda’ the author means that a career counselor has the right … 1) to label some jobs as less preferable. 2) to show the downside of the students’ hasty decisions. 3) to point to ill-advised choices. 4) to forbid the students to dream about a certain job.

5)The major role of a career counselor in schools is … 1) to test students. 2) to raise the students’ potential. 3) to navigate the students’ search for a dream career. 4) to encourage students in their career choices.

6)At the stage of accommodation, the students may treat career counseling as … 1) humiliating. 2) odd. 3) annoying. 4) unnecessary.

7)They came for me. Ungraciously and ungently, with blow and curse, they ____________ me forth, and I faced Captain Jamie and Warden Atherton, themselves arrayed with the strength of half a dozen state-bought, tax-paid brutes of guards who lingered in the room to do any bidding. (HALE)

8)But they ___________________. “Sit down,” said Warden Atherton, indicating a stout armchair. (NOT NEED)

9)I, beaten and sore, without water for a night long and a day long, faint with hunger, weak from a beating that ____________ to five days in the dungeon and eighty hours in the jacket, oppressed by the calamity of human fate, apprehensive of what was to happen to me from what I had seen happen to the others— (ADD)

10)I, a wavering waif of a human man and an erstwhile professor of agronomy in a quiet college town, I ________ to accept the invitation to sit down. (HESITATE)

11)Warden Atherton __________ a large man and a very powerful man. (BE)

12)His hands flashed out to a grip on my shoulders. I was a straw in his strength. He lifted me clear of the floor and crashed me down in the chair. “Now,” he said, while I ______ and swallowed my pain, “tell me all about it, Standing. Spit it out—all of it if you know what’s healthy for you.” (GASP)

13)“I don’t know anything about what ___________________ . . .”, I began. That was as far as I got. With a growl and a leap he was upon me. Again he lifted me in the air and crashed me down into the chair. (HAPPEN)

14)Why, toward the last I would have given a large portion of my ______________ soul for a few pounds of dynamite to which I could confess. (MORTAL)

15)I do not know how many chairs were broken by my body. I fainted times without number, and toward the last the whole thing became _________ (NIGHTMARE)

16)I was half-carried, half-shoved and dragged back to the dark. There, when I became _____________, I found a stool in my dungeon. He was a pallid-faced, little dope-fiend of a short-timer who would do anything to obtain the drug. (CONSCIENCE)

17)The outburst of imprecations that went up would have shaken the fortitude of a __________ man than Ignatius Irvine. (BRAVE)

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