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1)What do researchers know about this unique therapy? 1) The therapy has been tested in humans and has negative results. 2) Only animals have been subjected to experiments, and it has shown auspicious results. 3) Researchers suggest that the would-be therapy for people will help them, but it’s early to test this hypothesis in humans. 4) The therapy is absolutely harmless.

2)What are nanobodies? 1) The very antibodies. 2) Special cells of llamas and camels. 3) Particular types of antibodies. 4) Malignant bacterias.

3)How do researchers use a llama’s immune system? 1) They vaccinate the llama and then get necessary molecules. 2) They vaccinate the llama, stimulate the immune system and choose the most suitable nanobodies. 3) They try to modify the llama’s immune system to find healing cells. 4) They vaccinate the llama, thus destroying its immune system.

4)The phrasal verb latch on to in the text is closest in meaning to 1) Detect. 2) Wane. 3) Adjust. 4) Repel.

5)According to researchers, the immune system 1) Isn’t ready for such a kind of experiments. 2) Is unpredictable and unstable. 3) Responds far better to the experiments than they expected. 4) Suffers from their actions.

6)The word it the author refers to 1) The vaccine. 2) The immune system. 3) The nanobody. 4) The development.

7)According to the article, the conclusion is: 1) Llamas are en effective key to treating people from Covid. 2) The research highlights the impossibility of treating people with nanobodies of llamas. 3) The experience can help people, but it takes far more time to make sure that there are no adverse side reactions. 4) All these experiments are somewhat dubious.

8)The koala is a much-loved species and lucrative tourism drawcard. Yet, for all its popularity, koalas _____ to be extinct in NSW within 30 years. (FORCAST)

9)When humans see themselves in other animals, this can engender greater empathy and concern for the species. Koalas exhibit “neoteny”, whereby mature animals retain juvenile physical features. In a recent research this _______to trigger positive emotional responses from human adults. (SHOW)

10)Newspaper articles ______ in the first half of the 20th century often infantilised koalas. Koalas even make a crying sound when hurt or upset, adding to their babylike qualities. (PUBLISH)

11)In the 19th and early 20th centuries the koala was seen as an economic resource. From the early 1800s until the 1920s, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, _______ for the fur trade. (KILL)

12)Two books published in 1918 encouraged public affection for koalas. The books reached a far wider audience than natural histories. The emergence of the very popular koala character in 1933 helped further _______ the species. (HUMANISE)

13)Now koalas ______ as vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which has named the species one of 10 animals most vulnerable to climate change. (LIST)

14)Research is another important component of conservation efforts. Understanding koala genetics, mating choices, and health _______ light on koala biology that’s important for developing plans to better protect the species. (SHED)

15)Tsar Peter I the Great had _________ plans to transform Russia into a modern state. (AMBITION)

16)The colours of the flag are sometimes given traditional Russian _______. (SYMBOL)

17)The flag was first used as an _______ for Russian merchant ships in 1696. (SIGN)

18)The white color symbolizes nobility and ________. (FRANK)

19)The blue one ________ faithfulness, honesty, impeccability and chastity. (SIGNIFICANCE)

20)Red is considered the __________ of courage, generosity and love. (PERSON)

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