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Ответы и задания для 9-11 класса British Bulldog 2020


Ответы и задания для 9-11 класса на все 60 заданий конкурса по английскому языку British Bulldog 2020 (британский бульдог), официальная дата проведения конкурса British Bulldog в 2020 году: 15.12.2020-16.12.2020 (15-16 декабря 2020 год).

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British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 9-11 класса (полные ответы выше):

1)How old is Anna Morrison?

Ответ: 16

2)What did she do? She … something for students.

Ответ: invented

3)What did she call it? … Box.

Ответ: Memory

4)What is the aim of this invention? To help students … .

Ответ: learn things

5)What gave rise to its creation? Anna … to learn Spanish words.

Ответ: was happy

6)What is her invention like? It’s a … .

Ответ: computer programme

7)How does the invention work? It … .

Ответ: repeats information in different ways

8)How did Anna feel at first after having created the Box?

Ответ: Proud

9)What did Anna do to improve her invention? She … .

Ответ: made a video demonstration

10)What do many teachers do for other people to learn on this site?

Ответ: Add facts

Read the story and answer the questions There was once a young student who was in love with the daughter of a Professor. The girl told the student that she would only dance with him at the Prince’s ball if he brought her red roses. Unfortunately, the student had no roses in his garden. While he was crying, a nightingale heard him and felt sorry for him because she believed that he was a true lover. She decided to help him, and flew to a rose tree, but the rose tree had only white roses. Another rose tree had only yellow roses. At last she found the rose tree which grew red roses, but this year it didn’t have any roses.

The nightingale begged the rose tree to tell her how to get a red rose. Reluctantly the tree explained that she would have to kill herself by pressing against a thorn while singing. After a moment’s thought the nightingale decided to do this. At night the nightingale sang the songs pressing against a thorn until she died. The next day the student found the red rose and rushed to the Professor’s house. The girl, however, was more impressed by jewels than by the poor student’s flower, besides the latter didn’t match her dress. Disillusioned, the student went home and returned to his books.

11)Who fell in love with a young girl?

Ответ: A student

12)What event was going to take place?

Ответ: A meeting

13)On what condition would the girl dance with her admirer? If he gave her a … .

Ответ: red flower

14)Who decided to help the admirer?

Ответ: A bird

15)Why did the well-wisher want to help? Because … .

Ответ: it was true love

16)What did the student find the next day?

Ответ: A red rose

17)What was the price for a red rose?

Ответ: The well-wisher’s life

18)Which present did the girl appreciate more?

Ответ: Jewels

19)What did she do with the flower? She … .

Ответ: wasn’t impressed by it

20)What did the student do? He … .

Ответ: continued studying

21)You … be hungry again! You had a big lunch an hour ago. A) mustn’t B) can’t C) don’t have to D) aren’t

22)How long … Paul? A) have you known B) do you know C) are you knowing D) you know

23)Please … your English dictionaries tomorrow. A) remind to bring B) remember to bring C) remember bringing D) didn’t forget bringing

24)He accused her … his homework. A) to copy B) copying C) that she has copied D) of copying

25)The teacher said that they … a test the following week. A) would have B) have been having C) will had D) are going have

26)He denied … Jim her secret. A) he was told B) that he said C) to tell D) telling

27)she was late, she didn’t apologise. A) In spite of B) Although C) However D) Even

28)He isn’t a good guitarist but he sings … the others in the group. A) very better than B) much better than C) as well D) more better than

29)I can’t stand … in long queues! A) to wait B) waiting C) I am waiting D) that I waiting

30)Tom is the tall, … boy standing by the window. A) eyes blue B) blue-eyed C) blue-eyes D) eyed-blue

31)It’s Japan’s national sport in which the athletes are mostly very fat. A) Boxing B) Sumo C) Fencing D) Swimming

32)To do this sport you need special breathing equipment and flippers. A) Swimming B) Ski jumping C) Water polo D) Scuba diving

33)The animals and their riders take part in races over hurdles or fences. A) Fencing B) Curling C) Rafting D) Horse racing

34)It’s good if you aren’t afraid of heights and have carabiners and a rope. A) Diving B) Fencing C) Triathlon D) Rock climbing

35)The participants race down dangerous whitewater rivers. A) Fencing B) Curling C) Kayaking D) Ski jumping

36)Hurdles, discus, pole vault and long jump are events in … . A) athletics B) acrobatics C) gymnastics D) surfing

37)The participants use a ball, rope, ribbon and hoop in this sport. A) Boxing B) Rhythmic gymnastics C) Athletics D) Figure skating

38)To do this sport you should ride horses. A) Polo B) Cricket C) Bandy D) Rugby

39)You need special brooms to play this game. A) Polo B) Curling C) Bandy D) Cricket

40)To play this game it is necessary to have a very large “field”, which is called a course. A) Football B) Golf C) Rugby D) Cricket

41)In the picture we see a … . A) lounge B) kitchen C) study D) dining room

42)You can see many … on the wall. A) photos B) pictures C) reports D) certificates

43)To the right of the table there is … . A) an armchair B) an office chair C) a globe D) a filing cabinet

44)There are many folders … . A) on the shelf B) in the filing cabinet C) on the chair D) under the table

45)The owner of the room is fond of these things because there are many of them in the office. A) plants B) lamps C) books D) canvases

46)If you are thirsty you can … . A) make tea B) turn off the light C) have a snack D) smell the plants

47)There is a lot of … in the dust bin. A) luggage B) cabbage C) rubbish D) baggage

48)You can see it in the upper left corner of the room. A) A glass B) A globe C) A statuette D) A vase

49)It is situated on the wall next to the filing cabinet. A) A map B) A table C) A calendar D) A certificate

50)It sits on a table top and is used to light up the room. A) A cup B) A lamp C) A monitor D) A plant

51)When a child she studied at Lowood School for orphans. A) Dorothy B) Alice C) Jane Eyre D) Scarlett O’Hara

52)It is not the name of any of the daughters of King Lear. A) Ophelia B) Regan C) Goneril D) Cordelia

53)After a shipwreck he found himself on a desert island, where he spent 28 years. A) Tom Sawyer B) Gulliver C) Robinson Crusoe D) Oliver Twist

54)Romeo and Juliet lived in this Italian town. A) Verona B) Rome C) Milan D) Pompeii

55)These books by J.K. Rowling about a boy with magical powers are popular all over the world. A) Peter Pan B) Tom Sawyer C) Harry Potter D) Gulliver

56)This character created by Charles Dickens is a coldhearted man who despises Christmas. A) Oliver Twist B) Nicholas Nickleby C) David Copperfield D) Ebenezer Scrooge

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