British Bulldog 2020 задания ответы

Ответы и задания для 7-8 класса British Bulldog 2020


Ответы и задания для 7-8 класса на все 60 заданий конкурса British Bulldog 2020 (британский бульдог), официальная дата проведения конкурса British Bulldog в 2020 году: 15.12.2020-16.12.2020 (15-16 декабря 2020 год).

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British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 7-8 класса:

1)Which programme is Steven going to watch tonight?

Ответ: Try This

2)Which programme did he want to watch?

Ответ: Kick Start

3)What was last week’s programme about?

Ответ: Climbing

4)When does the programme begin? At … .

Ответ: 7.15 p.m.

5)How long does the programme last? About … .

Ответ: 30 minutes

6)Which project can the programme help with?

Ответ: Art project

7)When must the project be ready? On … .

Ответ: 28 March

8)What does the teacher want to do with the best project?

Ответ: Display it to other pupils

9)Where does the teacher want to put the best work? In the school … .

Ответ: computer room

10)Which place does the boy like better? The … .

Ответ: hall

Read the text and find the correct answers There is a large collection of tales written by the Greek storyteller, Aesop. Little is known about his life. According to some historical facts, Aesop was a slave in ancient Greece. He was a keen observer of both animals and people. But most of the characters in his stories are animals, some of which take on human characteristics and are personified in terms of speech and emotions. It is also a bit of trickery on adults to use animals, because it allows adult readers to sort of “skip” imagining themselves as the characters in the story. However, the majority of his characters retain their animalistic qualities: tortoises are slow, hares are quick, tigers eat birds, etc. Aesop uses these qualities and the natural tendencies of animals to focus on human traits and wisdom. Aesop’s fables may be short, but they offer wise lessons at the end. It is up to us to discover for ourselves what is hidden behind the images presented by the author.

11)Which country is Aesop from?

Ответ: Greece

12)When did he live?

Ответ: In antiquity

13)What does the term “keen observer” mean? An observer who is … .

Ответ: shrewd

14)The main characters in his tales are mostly animals, … ?

Ответ: aren’t they

15)What unusual thing can the animals do in his tales?

Ответ: Speak

16)Why did Aesop prefer to depict animals instead of people in his fables? Because he … .

Ответ: didn’t want to show who he really meant

17)What qualities do the animals in his tales still preserve?

Ответ: Animalistic

18)Who was Aesop according to some historical facts? 

Ответ: A slave

19)What is usually written at the end of the fable?

Ответ: A moral

20)What do Aesop’s fables make many people do?

Ответ: Think

Select the correct answers to fill the gaps — While I (21) television last night, I (22) an advertisement for a new theme park. — Really? Tell me about it. — It’s called The Haunted Garden and it has lots of spooky rides. It’s in the grounds of a castle that (23) built in the 16th century. The great thing about it is that it’s open at night so you (24) on all the rides in the dark. — That sounds really cool! I have never (25) on a rollercoaster in the dark before! — Me neither. When my dad gets home I am going (26) him if we can go there for my birthday. — Good idea. I’ve forgotten – when is your birthday? — It’s next month. The nineteenth. — Oh no! I’ll be away on holiday. We (27) to Rome, but I wish I (28) to your party. — Never mind. Perhaps we (29) go to The Haunted Garden the following week, when you get back. — Thanks, Joe. I (30) hate to miss it.

21)He was the first Englishman who sailed around the world. A) Robert Scott B) James Cook C) Alexander Bell D) Francis Drake

22)He is considered the father of economics and a pioneer of political economy. A) Adam Smith B) Isaac Newton C) Charles Darwin D) Michael Faraday

23)He won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of penicillin. A) Alexander Bell B) Alexander Fleming C) Charles Darwin D) Walter Scott

24)He led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions. A) Admiral Nelson B) Charles Darwin C) Robert Scott D) Adam Smith

25)She was the founder of modern nursing. A) Margaret Thatcher B) Jane Austen C) Agatha Christie D) Florence Nightingale

26)He painted 332 portraits which are now in the gallery of the War of 1812 in the Hermitage. A) George Dawe B) Charles Dickens C) William Turner D) Charles Darwin

27)He is considered to be one of the best novelists of the Victorian era. A) Jonathan Swift B) Charles Dickens C) Agatha Christie D) Daniel Defoe

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