всероссийская олимпиада школьников задания ответы

Муниципальный этап 2021 олимпиады по английскому языку 7-11 класс задания и ответы ВСОШ


Официальные задания и ответы муниципального этапа 2021 всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ по английскому языку для 7,8,9,10,11 класса 2021-2022 учебного года, официальная дата проведения олимпиады в Москве: 18-19 ноября.

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Видеоразбор олимпиадных заданий 10-11 класса:

Интересные задания с олимпиады:

1)Mikhail Vrubel was Russian. English. Scottish.

2)The Petrovsky Theatre was named after the Tsar. its founder. a street.

3)The oldest building that is mentioned is The Metropol Hotel. The Bolshoi Theatre. The Central Department Store.

4)The theatre performance that is mentioned is Princess of Dreams. Don Quixote. a play by Chekhov.

5)The architectural style of the Metropol Hotel is Art Nouveau. Gothic Revival. not mentioned.

6)St. Mary`s Church isn`t far from the hotel. beautiful. famous.

7)Claire feels excited about the church. no enthusiasm about the church. uneasy about the church.

8)Claire chooses to spend the evening in the old communist district. Auschwitz. the old Jewish Quarter.

9)A guided tour of Nowa Huta costs 4 euros. 14 euros. 40 euros.

10)The tour lasts 1 hour. 1 hour 30 minutes. 2 hours.

11)Everyday life on board during the yachting race can be described as ordered and settled. competitive and regulated. communal and tense. untidy and messy.

12)The main idea of Paragraph 2 is to break the stereotype about spending time on a yacht. to show how hard life on board a yacht is. to emphasize the length of the distance to cover. to show how pleasant it is to head home

13)The word unrelenting is Paragraph 3 is closest to the meaning of mindless. psychical. tireless. energetic.

14)All the hardships on board can be offset by the chance to visit abandoned islands in the ocean. the strong winds that help the yacht move faster. the possibility to be alone with nature. the splendour of nature and its powers.

15)Most people taking part in the race have to go through special training. are non-specialists in the field. have to be of a certain age. are strong team players.

16)“This” in Paragraph 5 refers to the duration of intense mental concentration. the inconvenience of life on board. the everyday inconveniences. the business-like manner of running the yacht.

17)In case of a disagreement on board crew members should stand their ground no matter what. the captain has the final say. its resolution can be postponed for some time. prompt measures should be taken straight away.

18)Two of the captains handed in their notices because of having only amateurs in the crew. as their crew considered them unprofessional. as a result of the yacht’s poor performance. because of the constant rows on board.

19)Walter Given strongly believes that on board a yacht each person has to only do what they are most competent at. should try to steer more every day. should try different tasks irrespective of their skills. has to pay more if they want to do fewer tasks.

20)Which is NOT TRUE about the London Light crew? They belong to different generations. They are confident and uncompromising. They are supportive, and strong team players. They have different professional backgrounds.

21)Rika DID NOT give someone her autograph. win the judo competition. sell books.

22)Rika says that to do judo you need to be big. be strong. maintain balance.

23)Rika started doing judo to defend herself. to bully big kids. to fight with her brother.

24)Rika practises the techniques every day. two times a week. every week.

25)Rika had a bad injury a few weeks ago. a couple of months ago. a year ago.

26)What do we learn about Mairead and Robin’s shopping habits? They prefer looking for bargains online together. They always make a shopping list to follow. They get what they like and find use for it afterwards. They do market research before going shopping.

27)Before moving to Wales the couple ran a chain of historic curios shops. were looking for a more profitable business. had to sell their café business. were experienced in purchasing old and high quality goods.

28)The house Mairead spotted was in pretty good condition. offered stunning views. had a lovely garden. was big enough for their family.

29)A lot of the furniture items they have in the house are cheap and second-rate. brand new and modern. second-hand and pre-owned. old-fashioned and pretty.

30)When the family moved in, they initially demolished the add-on part of the building. installed the kitchen set in place. redecorated the walls of the kitchen. redesigned the exterior of the house.

31)In her home Mairead tries to combine harmoniously decorations and accessories. experiment and tradition. practicality and cosiness. hues and dimensions.

32)Which of the following is TRUE about Mairead and Robin? They changed jobs after moving to Anglesey. They had to sell their business to buy a new home. They agreed on the colour scheme for the new house. They work together on renovating public buildings.

33)Mairead’s house can be described as a personal pilot venture. a lucrative business project. a safe family investment. an innovative design studio.

34)Mairead’s popularity grew due to her unique bold colour scheme. established reputation as a designer. word of mouth type of advertising. her friends business connections.

35)To become an interior designer Mairead took a refresher course. did not do anything about it. studied her friends’ house projects. used her previous experience.

36)I have just noticed that the car has almost run out of petrol.


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