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Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку 11 класс 2021-2022 с ответами



Назначение итогового тестирования в форме теста: определить уровень образовательных достижений по английскому языку за курс 11 класса средней школы 2021-2022 учебный год.

Структура итогового тестирования. Итоговое тестирование включает в себя 20 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа из четырех предложенных.

Ссылка для скачивания тестирования: в ворде, в пдф

Итоговое тестирование по английскому языку 11 класс 2021-2022 с ответами

1)Choose the appropriate word. All people have the right to… of opportunity 1) equal 2) equally 3) equalize 4) equality

2)Match the words on the left and the elements on the right to make adjectives. 1) hope, care, help 2) ideal, real, individual 3) interest, tire, bory 4) practice, nature, logic a) – ing b) – less c) –al d) – istic

3)Guess the area in a town where a lot of shops have been built close to each other. 1) corner shop 2) supermarket 3) department store 4) shopping centre

4)The biggest state of the USA is… 1) California 2)Texas 3)Montana 4)Alabama

5)Choose the correct variant. ….. is the scientific study of living things. 1) Geography 2) Biology 3) Geology 4) Chemistry

6)Match the people with their inventions. 1) Eckert and Mauchly 2) Alexander Popov 3) Alexander Bell 4) Chinese a) paper b) radio c) the world’s first computer d) telephone

7)Choose the correct variant. Television …. its programmes all over the country. 1) watches 2) educates 3) sees 4) broadcasts

8)Choose the correct variant. People who write article in newspapers are…. 1)journalists 2)postmen 3)correspondents 4)commentators

9)Choose the right translation of the word combination impartial edition. 1) жёлтая пресса 2) периодическое издание 3) респектабельное издание 4) беспристрастное издание

10)Choose the correct variant. An exam taken at the age of 16 in British Comprehensive Schools is … 1) an entrance exam 2) a level exam 3) a GCSE exam 4) an eleven-plus exam

11)Choose the correct variant. The British word form in American English is … 1) exam 2) school 3) grade 4) mark

12)Complete the sentence using the missing word. Choosing the right car depends … what people want to use it for. 1) down 2) in 3) on 4) over

13)Choose the correct form of the verb. They …. Their house since last year. 1) are building 2) build 3) have built 4) have been building

14)Choose the appropriate word. To my mind, the government … take care of old people. 1) can 2) must 3) may 4) could

15)Find an extra word. 1) reptile 2) bird 3) radiation 4) snake

16)Choose the years of the American Civil War. 1) 1607-1620 2) 1775-1776 3) 1781-1787 4) 1861-1865

17)Washington, D.C., is situated in: 1) Texas 2) Utah 3) Nevada 4) Columbia

18)Choose the appropriate prefix to make the opposite of the word possible. 1) un2) im3) in4) il

19)Complete the sentence using the missing word. My mother can see … my tricks. 1) around 2) through 3) to 4) off

20)Choose the appropriate suffix to make the noun. Kind… 1) -ence 2) -ness 3) -ment 4) -ity

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