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Письменная часть заданий ЕГЭ 2023 по английскому языку 11 класс


Устная часть заданий ЕГЭ 2023 по английскому языку 11 класс


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3. Dan Welch created

  • 1) the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra.
  • 2) Pittsburg City anti-poverty program.
  • 3) a program of teaching music to kids.

4. MusicKids accepts children

  • 1) who are most musically talented.
  • 2) from most disadvantaged families.
  • 3) who want to participate in competitions.

5. The word “disparate” in “in music seemingly disparate things come together” is closest in its meaning to

  • 1) “different”.
  • 2) “opposite”.
  • 3) “similar”.

6. When Dan Welch says that music is «a metaphor for life» and «a great place to be» he means

  • 1) living in peace and harmony with others.
  • 2) the importance of being like others.
  • 3) being around people who share your views.

7. Which of the following does Dan Welch NOT mention as one of the things that classical music teaches you?

  • 1) to be patient
  • 2) to be hard-working
  • 3) to be sociable

8. When Dan Welch calls music «preventative medicine» he wants to stress that music

  • 1) should be taught from an early age.
  • 2) can cure some existing diseases.
  • 3) helps to keep your body fit.

9. According to Dan Welch, the tuba is

  • 1) too heavy.
  • 2) boring.
  • 3) lovable.

12. According to the author, people usually consider a white lie

  • 1) tricky.
  • 2) foolish.
  • 3) helpful.
  • 4) wrong.

13. The example of a situation with a sister in the second paragraph shows how

  • 1) a joke is different from a white lie.
  • 2) absurd and funny white lies are.
  • 3) easy it is not to believe a white lie.
  • 4) innocent a typical white lie is.

14. The word blatanty in “Why is it okay to lie blatantly” in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to

  • 1) absurdly.
  • 2) properly.
  • 3) politely.
  • 4) openly.

15. The main aim of the example about a husband and wife in the 5th paragraph is to show

  • 1) that a white lie makes the wife suspicious and unhappy in marriage.
  • 2) what kinds of white lies are often told by spouses in a marriage.
  • 3) that a white lie enables the husband to be untruthful in general.
  • 4) how a white lie can have a disastrous effect on a relationship.

16. Which verb does the verb do in “We all do” in the last paragraph refer to?

  • 1) Tell
  • 2) Mean
  • 3) Propose
  • 4) Condemn

17. According to the author, which one is NOT one of the reasons why we tell white lies?

  • 1) Because we want to sound nice and polite.
  • 2) Because we live in a corrupt and evil society.
  • 3) Because we want to avoid an awkward situation.
  • 4) Because everyone else around us tells white lies

18. The goal of the author of the text is to convince the reader that the white lie

  • 1) should be made socially unacceptable.
  • 2) is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.
  • 3) is necessary in order to live without conflicts.
  • 4) is acceptable and common in our society.

19. «Orlando, are you hungry yet?» Mom asked my older brother again. He always wears headphones on road trips, and we have to repeat whatever we say to him because he never it the first time.

20. It is so annoying. When I try to tell him stuff, he can’t wait to put his headphones back on. So I chat with my parents, my dog and even

21. I shouldn’t be expected to stay silent, should I? I couldn’t be silent even if I

22. Wilbur and Orville Wright read everything they could find about flying machines. They began building their own airplane in 1900. They carefully made and tested every part of the airplane. Finally, the airplane

23. On a cold, windy day in December 1903, they their plane for the first time. Orville was the pilot as the plane lifted into the air. It stayed in the air for only 12 seconds and travelled just 120 feet the first time.

24. After three more tries that same day, the plane’s  trip was almost a full minute and more than 850 feet.

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