British Bulldog 2020 задания ответы

British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 3-4 класса 15-16 декабря 2020 год


Ответы и задания для 3-4 класса на все 60 заданий конкурса British Bulldog 2020 (британский бульдог), официальная дата проведения конкурса British Bulldog в 2020 году: 15.12.2020-16.12.2020 (15-16 декабря 2020 год).

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British Bulldog 2020 ответы и задания для 3-4 класса:

1)Who is writing the letter?

Ответ: Sue

2)Where does she live?

Ответ: Not far from London

3) Where does she study? At

Ответ: school

4)Who does she live with?

Ответ: Parents

5)How many members of her family are there?

Ответ: Four

6)How many brothers does she have?

Ответ: One

7)How old is her sibling?

Ответ: 14

8)What pet does she have? A …

Ответ: cat

9)What is its name?

Ответ: Penny

10)Which is her favourite activity?

Ответ: Watching TV

Read the text and answer the questions. It’s Sunday afternoon. It’s Mary’s birthday party. She’s eight years old now. Kate and Sue give Mary a present. Mary is opening the present at the moment. Some kids are dancing in the sitting room. Patrick and Simon are in the kitchen. They are helping Mary’s mother to put eight candles on the cake. Then Mary will blow out the candles and make a wish. After that the children will eat the cake. It’s a delicious chocolate cake. The children will play video games and board games in Mary’s bedroom. Then they will go to the park. The children like parties very much, because they have a lot of fun.

11)Whose birthday is it?

Ответ: Mary’s

12)How old is she?

Ответ: 8

13)Whose present is Mary opening?

Ответ: Her parents’

14)Where are Patrick and Simon? In the 

Ответ: hall

15)What are they doing there?

Ответ: Cooking a cake

16)What is Mary going to do first?

Ответ: Blow out the candles

17)Who will make a wish?

Ответ: The birthday girl

18)What kind of cake is it?

Ответ: Chocolate

19)What games will the children play?

Ответ: Board

20)Where will they walk? In the

Ответ: park

21)John and Amy aren’t Italian. Where are … from? A) he B) they C) she D) we

22)What … in that bag? A) he’s got B) does he has C) has he got D) he has

23)This is … . A) English book’s Jude B) English book Jude’s C) Jude’s English book D) book

24)Is there orange juice in the fridge? No, … . A) there isn’t B) it is C) isn’t there D) not

25)They live in Bristol. … house isn’t very big. A) They B) It C) Their D) Theirs

26)What … for breakfast? A) have got you B) do you have C) you have D) does you have

27)He … to school on Saturdays. A) not goes B) not go C) isn’t go D) doesn’t go

28)on your warm jacket when you go out. It’s cold today. A) Take B) Get C) Put D) Set

29)He’s got … friends in his class. A) a B) a lot of C) much D) little

30)There isn’t … bread for sandwiches. A) any B) some C) a D) no

31)“Do not walk on the grass.” A) In a bank B) In a park C) On a train D) At a crossing

32)“Tickets for today’s show: SOLD OUT!” A) Supermarket B) Theatre C) Station D) Canteen

33)“Menu for children under 14.” A) Library B) Cathedral C) School D) Café

34)“Running on wet floors is dangerous!” A) In a street B) On a sports field C) At a rink D) At the supermarket

35)“Don’t cross the road when the light is red.” A) At the cinema B) At the stadium C) At the café D) At the pedestrian crossing

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