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04.12.2020 Английский язык 11 класс АЯ2010101 тренировочная работа №1 ЕГЭ статград ответы и задания


Ответы и задания для варианта АЯ2010101 тренировочной работы №1 статград по английскому языку 11 класс для подготовки к ЕГЭ 2021, официальная дата проведения работы статград: 04.12.2020 (4 декабря 2020 год).

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3)According to Dr. Dale, not getting enough sleep can result in 1) becoming fat. 2) losing a job. 3) looking older.

4)Before the interview the presenter believed that 1) not getting enough sleep had no bad influence on one’s health. 2) it was important to consult a doctor about sleeping problems. 3) sleeping problems were the result of one’s choice of behaviour.

5)Dr. Dale went back to Medical school because he 1) had changed his attitude towards family medicine. 2) had not been satisfied with a family doctor’s salary. 3) wanted to study reasons for his patient’s problems.

6)When Dr. Dale says, “That intrigued me, and I went back to Medical school”, the phrase “intrigued me” is closest in meaning to 1) made me curious. 2) triggered my concern. 3) puzzled me.

7)Doctor Dale believes that sleeping problems 1) today are more typical for particular age groups. 2) are problems that any person can suffer from. 3) were unknown to people in previous centuries.

8)According to Dr. Dale, it is most preferable for a teenager to sleep 1) up to 8 hours per day. 2) up to 9 hours per day. 3) over 9 hours per day.

9)Which of the following does Dr. Dale NOT mention as one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get a good night’s sleep nowadays? 1) sound pollution 2) constant stress 3) no self-discipline

12)Which of the following helped Shirley get rid of rude comments? 1) making fun of rude people 2) being patient in her replies 3) ignoring these comments 4) uploading better videos

13)What does Shirley enjoy most about Skyrim? 1) a great number of characters 2) watching other gamers play it 3) the way nature is depicted there 4) how fast one can finish the game

14)The expression “stand out” in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to 1) attract attention 2) set a standard 3) differ from others 4) family friendly

15)Shirley believes that computer games are associated only with young people because 1) old people don’t like playing them. 2) of stereotypes existing in our society. 3) old gamers are not active enough. 4) they are made for young people.

16)Which of the following is NOT one of Shirley’s hobbies? 1) knitting 2) cooking 3) gaming 4) quilting

17)The last paragraph implies that 1) Shirley’s nine grandchildren like playing Skyrim with her. 2) gamers will play with Shirley’s character after her death. 3) Shirley doesn’t want to continue recording her gameplay. 4) Skyrim developers wanted to employ Shirley at their studio.

18)Judging by the article, Shirley Curry 1) enjoys living a quiet lonely life. 2) likes communicating with people. 3) is afraid of trying out new things. 4) is a typical traditional grandmother.

39)You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Amanda who writes: … My elder sister is in college now, so the room we used to share I now have all to myself! The summer before she left she helped me renovate it. We painted the walls and rearranged the furniture. It’s beautiful and very comfortable… … Who do you share your room with? How often do you renovate your room? Who helps you do it?… Did I tell you that I had to start wearing glasses?

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