олимпиада ВСОШ школьный этап 2023-2024

Школьный этап 2023 олимпиада по английскому языку 5-11 класс задания и ответы ВСОШ


Задания и ответы для 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 класса школьного этапа 2023-2024 по английскому языку всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ для школ Москвы и Дагестана дата проведения 26, 27, 28 сентября 2023 года.

5-6 класс: задания ▸аудио ▸ответы

7-8 класс: задания ▸аудио ▸ответы

9-11 класс: задания ▸аудио ▸ответы

Задания для 5-6 класса олимпиада по английскому языку


Задания для 7-8 класса олимпиада по английскому языку


Задания для 9-11 класса олимпиада по английскому языку


Разбор заданий школьного этапа по английскому языку 9-11 класс Use of english

1. How many parks in Moscow have Cindy and Eddie been to?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

2. How many museums in Moscow have Cindy and Eddie seen?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

3. The oldest place that Cindy and Eddie have visited is –

A) Gorky Park.
B) Park Zaryadye.
C) The Tretyakov Gallery.
D) St. Basil’s Cathedral.
E) Moscow State University.

4. The newest place that Cindy and Eddie have visited is –

A) Gorky Park.
B) Park Zaryadye.
C) The Tretyakov Gallery.
D) St. Basil’s Cathedral.
E) Moscow State University.

5. The tallest building that Cindy and Eddie have visited is –

A) “Garage” at Gorky Park.
B) Concert hall at Zaryadye.
C) The Tretyakov Gallery.
D) St. Basil’s Cathedral.
E) Moscow State University.

Задание 4.

7. Which title is the best for this text?

A) Be Careful with your Teeth!
B) Halloween is Always Fun!
C) The Worst Holiday Ever.

Задание 5.

8. Which sentence is the best to finish this text with?

A) Do you like celebrating Halloween?
B) I hope next year I will be luckier!
C) My memory is not very good.

Задание 6.

9. Tootsie Rolls are most likely…

A) sweets.
B) bread.
C) children

1. How many palaces were built in the 18th century?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5

2. Which palace is still used as a theatre?

A) Petrovsky Palace
B) Catherine’s Palace
C) The Grand Kremlin Palace
D) The Kremlin Palace of Congresses
E) Sheremetev Palace

3. How many palaces are connected with Russian Emperors?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
E) 5

1. Which chapter should Emily read to learn about the lakes and rivers of Hawaii?

A) Chapter 1
B) Chapter 2
C) Chapter 3
D) Chapter 4
E) Chapter 5

2. Which pages have information about where active volcanoes are found in Hawaii?

A) 6-7
B) 9-11
C) 15-16
D) 36-37

3. Chapter 4 has information on all of these except –

A) famous national parks to visit.
B) the best places for swimming.
C) the government structure of Hawaii.
D) tourist centers to find information.

4. Which pages have information about the daily temperatures in Hawaii?

A) 6-7
B) 9-11
C) 12-13
D) 37-38

Задания для 9, 10, 11 класса

1. The mass media is full of stories about overweight children.


2. Dr Ramsdale is glad that schools today have special cookery classes for girls and boys.


3. Nowadays life for children is more dangerous than it used to be.


4. According to Dr Ramsdale, how does life today differ from the past?

A) People rarely visit the doctor.
B) People have more money.
C) People are healthier.

5. Dr Ramsdale advises people to

A) cook food without fat.
B) check their blood pressure.
C) learn about heart disease.

6. What does Dr Ramsdale say could help fat teenagers?

A) They should eat regularly and often.
B) They should learn more about food.
C) They should count their calories.

7. According to Dr Ramsdale, nowadays children

A) eat too many potatoes.
B) enjoy playing outside.
C) are usually inactive.

8. What does Dr Ramsdale feel children today are like?

A) independent
B) capable
C) spoilt

9. What should people do if they suffer from stress or depression?

A) improve the way they live.
B) take pills prescribed by the doctor.
C) buy fewer expensive possessions.

10. What does Dr Ramsdale believe?

A) Changing your lifestyle is worth the extra money.
B) It is not difficult to adopt a better lifestyle.
C) People should visit their doctor less often.

1. What does the writer notice most when she enters the factory?

A) how busy it is in the reception area
B) the unusual appearance of the building
C) the smell of chocolate in the building
D) the way she is greeted by Leona Moon

2. The writer’s description of unwrapping a chocolate bar is intended to make her readers

A) appreciate the pleasure of eating chocolate.
B) able to imagine her experience more clearly.
C) understand how the factory workers feel.
D) want to visit the chocolate factory themselves.

3. The writer thinks it is ‘an absolute tragedy’ that Leona

A) is unaffected by the smell in the factory now.
B) confesses to eating chocolate every day.
C) says the smell is not as strong as it once was.
D) doesn’t even like the smell of chocolate.

4. What is the cause of the writer’s enthusiasm as she watches Leona work?

A) She is going to experience something that few people get the chance to.
B) She is impressed by the way that Leona deals with the customers.
C) She shares Leona’s excitement about a recent consumer report.
D) She is happy that Leona’s business has just become very successful.

5. The writer’s first impression of Peter Moon is that he

A) is not dressed in the way she would have expected.
B) can tell her a lot about the history of the Aztecs.
C) doesn’t really care about polite introductions.
D) is interested in everything connected with his job.

6. What does the writer suggest about the staff at the factory?

A) They seem to care deeply about their work.
B) They don’t seem to be working very hard.
C) Many of them seem to be related to each other.
D) They seem to get on very well with Peter Moon.

7. The writer says ‘I try to pull myself together’ to show that she

A) feels as if she is in two places at the same time.
B) is finding it difficult to stay calm and do her job.
C) is tired of gathering information about the factory.
D) can’t remember the real purpose of her visit.

8. What is not stated in the interview about the production of chocolate eggs at Peter Moon’s factory?

A) During its production, each chocolate egg undergoes a series of operations.
B) Peter Moon paints each egg by hand.
С) Part of the production cycle is automated.
В) Each chocolate egg consists of a number of layers.

9. What do we learn about Peter Moon’s chocolate in the last paragraph?

A) It is growing in popularity all around the world.
B) Its special ingredients make it taste like fine wine.
C) It is regularly tested by chocolate connoisseurs.
D) It must be eaten within three weeks after it is made.

10. Which statement is true according to the last paragraph?

A) There is a growing number of people who like spending evenings savouring chocolate with wine.
B) Peter likes his wife.
C) Peter uses raw products from different countries.
D) Chocolate connoisseurs are people who can name all the ingredients of the product they are tasting

Задания и ответы муниципального этапа по английскому языку

22-23 ноября 2022 Английский язык всероссийская олимпиада школьников задания и ответы муниципального этапа 2022