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Новый пробный тренировочный вариант №8 КИМ №211213 в форме решу ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс для подготовки на 100 баллов от 13 декабря 2021 года. Данный тренировочный тест составлен по новой демоверсии ФИПИ экзамена ЕГЭ 2022 года, к тренировочным заданиям прилагаются правильные ответы и решения.

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Решу пробный ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс вариант №211213:

Задания и ответы для пробного варианта ЕГЭ 2022 английский язык:

12)In the first paragraph, what is Caitlin’s main point about the island?

  • 1) It can be dangerous to try to cross from the mainland.
  • 2) It is much smaller than it looks from the mainland.
  • 3) It is only completely cut off at certain times.
  • 4) It can be a difficult place for people to live in.

Ответ: 3

13)What does Caitlin suggest about her father?

  • 1) His writing prevents him from doing things he wants to do with his family.
  • 2) His initial reaction to his son’s request is different from usual.
  • 3) His true feelings are easily hidden from his daughter.
  • 4) His son’s arrival is one event he will take time off for..

Ответ: 4

14)Caitlin emphasises her feelings of discomfort because she…

  • 1) is embarrassed that she doesn’t understand what her brother is talking about.
  • 2) feels confused about why she can’t relate to her brother any more.
  • 3) is upset by the unexpected change in her brother’s behaviour.
  • 4) feels foolish that her brother’s attention is so important to her.

Ответ: 3

15)In the fourth paragraph, what is Caitlin’s purpose in describing the island?

  • 1) to express her positive feelings about it.
  • 2) to explain how the road was built.
  • 3) to illustrate what kind of weather was usual.
  • 4) to describe her journey home.

Ответ: 1

16)It was odd for Caitlin to see someone walking on the Stand because…is

  • 1) no one lived there for many years.
  • 2) it is dangerous to walk there at this time of the year.
  • 3) the nearest place where people lived was too far away.
  • 4) she wanted to spend some time alone.

Ответ: 3

17)In ‘because of that’ in the forth paragraph, ‘that’ refers to the fact that

  • 1) locals think it is odd to walk anywhere..
  • 2) it is easier for people to take the bus than walk.
  • 3) people have everything they need on the island.
  • 4) there is nowhere in particular to walk to from the island.

Ответ: 4

18)What do we learn about Caitlin’s reactions to the boy?

  • 1) She felt his air of confidence contrasted with his physical appearance.
  • 2) She was able to come up with a reason for him being there.
  • 3) She realised her first impression of him was inaccurate.
  • 4) She thought she had seen him somewhere before.

Ответ: 3

19)We __________________ for a few hours when on the horizon we spotted the group of small hand-built boats, called kabang. Outsiders have been harassing the Moken throughout their history and his instinct told him to keep his distance. (TRAVEL)

Ответ: hadbeentravelling

20)But after hearing that I had been researching the Moken way of life since 1982, in the end the family elder, Gatcha, __________________ us into his ‘home’. (ACCEPT)

Ответ: accepted

21)Home for this nomadic sea people are the kabang, on which they live, eat and sleep for eight months of the year. In these light craft, they traverse the Mergui Archipelago, 800 islands dotted across the Andaman Sea, off Myanmar, __________________ what they need to survive and moving on. (COLLECT)

Ответ: collecting

22)They get by only on what they take from the sea and beaches each day to trade with Malay and Chinese merchants. They accumulate little and live on land only during the monsoons. But the world __________________ in on the Moken way of life. (CLOSE)

Ответ: isclosing

23)Ten years ago, 2,500 Moken were still leading a traditional seafaring life, but that population is slowly declining and now __________________ at around 1,000. (STAND)

Ответ: stands

24)If they cease to be sea gypsies, it __________________ that their unique understanding of the sea will disappear also. (FEAR)

Ответ: isfeared

25)Moken people can dive down 20 metres without breathing equipment and __________________ extraordinary underwater vision. They are experts at reading changes in the sea and it is even said they can anticipate a tsunami. (DEVELOP)

Ответ: havedeveloped

26)Cartoons suit the way we like __________________ to be presented these days – graphically and in small chunks – and we are used to seeing in our newspapers and magazines cartoons and comic strips that take a wry look at modern life or provide a bit of escapism. (INFORM)

Ответ: information

27)But __________________ we have seen an increase in the number of graphic novels: book-length comics with a single, continuous narrative. (RECENT)

Ответ: recently

28)The creation of the Belgian cartoonist Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin __________________ appeared in the Belgian journal Le Vingtième Siècle in 1929. (ONE)

Ответ: first

29)One of the main __________________ for readers was that they were taken to parts of the world that they had never seen and probably would never see: Russia, the Congo, America. (ATTRACT)

Ответ: attractions

30)Hergé himself only began to travel outside Belgium __________________ in life, but he was passionate about educating his readers about other cultures and places. (LATE)

Ответ: later

31)Two things set Hergé apart as a graphic novelist. The first is his __________________ drawing skills: with just a few simple lines he is able to communicate a particular facial expression or movement. The second is the careful research he put into his stories. (TECHNIQUE)

Ответ: technical

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