задания ответы конкурса бритиш бульдог

Ответы и задания british bulldog 2019-2020 5-6 класс 11 декабря 2019


Конкурс british bulldog (британский бульдог) 2019-2020 ответы и задания для 5-6 класса, а также для 3-4, 7-8, 9-11 классы 11 декабря 2019 год.

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5-6 класс ответы и задания british bulldog 2019:

1) What is the matter with Julia? She’s … . Ответ: B

2) What did Julia ask Ralph about? Ответ: B

3)What project do they have to prepare? A … project. Ответ: C

4) How many pages does the teacher want to see in the project? Ответ: D 

5) What is Ralph going to take with him? Ответ: D

6)What does the boy ask Julia to do? To … . Ответ: D

7)Is it necessary to take out any library books? Ответ: C

8)When is Sports Day? On … .Ответ: B

9) When is Ralph going to see Julia? At.Ответ: B 

10) When is Ralph supposed to be at home finally? Ответ: C

11) What kind of sport does Colin do? Ответ: D

12) When did Colin learn to swim? When he was … .Ответ: B 

13) When did he become the champion of his school? At the age of … . Ответ: C

31) She was moved to tears by the beauty of the sculpture. Ответ: C

32)You never know what he is thinking.Ответ: B

33)She has both feet on the ground and is down-toearth. Ответ: B

51) It is the symbol of England. Ответ: A

52) Robin Hood hunted these animals in Sherwood Forest. Ответ: A

53)This plant saved the Scots from invasion. Ответ: B

54) People can’t imagine the Tower of London without these birds. Ответ: B

55)This is the traditional food at Christmas in Great Britain. Ответ: D

56)This vegetable is used to make a jack-o’-lantern.Ответ: B

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