задания ответы конкурса бритиш бульдог

Ответы и задания 7-8 класс british bulldog 2019-2020 10-11 декабря


Ответы и задания для 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 класса british bulldog 2019-2020 (британский бульдог) конкурс по английскому языку, конкурс пишут 10-11 декабря 2019 года, а официальная дата проведения: 11.12.2019

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Listen to the text and choose the correct answer

1)Where is the new cinema situated? Ответ: C

2) What was in that location before? Ответ: D

3) What day did the cinema open on? Ответ: D

4) When did John go to the cinema? Ответ: D

5)Who did John go to the cinema with? Ответ:B

6)What film did John see? Ответ:B

7)Which film was boring in John’s opinion? Ответ: C

8)How much did John’s cinema ticket cost? Ответ:C

9) Why did the ticket have a special price? Because it was Ответ: D

10) What did the boy like about the new cinema? Ответ: B

Read the text and choose the correct answer

11)Why did the family decide to move to another town? Because Ответ: B

12) Where was the town the family moved to situated? Near the … Ответ:B

13) Whose dream was it to live in such a place? The girl’s … Ответ:B

14) How did the family get to their new house? Ответ:C

Choose the correct tense

21) Hurry! The bus … . Ответ:С

22)The phone rang while I … a shower.Ответ:D

23) My granny … her 80th birthday recently. Ответ: C

24) Maria … English for two years. Ответ: D

25)Now it’s 10:11. The train to London … at 10:15. Ответ:B

Find the words to match the definitions

31)She seems to enjoy finding fault with others. Ответ: A

32)There she is, over there, on her own in the corner. Ответ: D

33)He says what I want to hear, not what he thinks. Ответ: C

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