заключительный этап 2022 олимпиада всош

Заключительный этап 2022 олимпиады по английскому языку задания и ответы для 9-11 класса


Задания и ответы заключительного этапа 2022 всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку для 9, 10, 11 класса ВСОШ, олимпиада проходила с 25 по 30 апреля 2022 года материалы взяты с официального сайта олимпиады.

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Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку проходит в 4 этапа (школьный этап, муниципальный этап, региональный этап и заключительный этап) в заключительном этапе участвуют только 9, 10, 11 классы.

Анализ заданий конкурса устной речи олимпиады ВСОШ 2022

Торжественное закрытие заключительного этапа по английскому языку

For items 1-10 listen to part of a lecture about reading in Great Britain. The lecture was delivered in 1995. Decide whether the statements (1-10) are TRUE (A), or FALSE (B) according to the text you hear. You will hear the text TWICE.

1)The British are comparatively uninterested in reading books.

2)Salman Rushdie won the Nobel Prize in 1981.

3)Fourteen winners of the Booker Prize were writers from former British colonies.

4)Detective fiction is a typically British literature genre.

5)Romances written by Norah Lofts are reviewed in the serious literary press.

6)In 1993, the most popular novels among British readers were of average or low quality.

7)Many of the British poets who perform on radio and at arts festivals do not teach at colleges and universities.

8)There are 6,000 copies of Shakespeare’s plays in the British library.

For items 11-15 listen to an episode of Pushkin House Podcast and answer the questions. Choose the correct answer (A, B or C) to answer questions 11-15. You will hear the text only ONCE.

10)Which is NOT true about Frenkie

11)Vijay Menon made his journey to Russia in

12)Vijay’s day job is

13)People in Moscow underground

14)During the pandemic the interest in cottagecore A) ran counter to what happened outside. B) dropped due to the fear of the outside world. C) was in no way affected by the disease. D) helped to cope with daily routine.

15)The cottagecore perception is mostly about A) yearning for a rural lifestyle. B) moving house to the countryside. C) finally returning to your ancestral home. D) spending time in the great outdoors.

16)In Part F cottagecore lifestyle is described as A) inconsistent and debatable. B) ordered and consistent. C) “green” and comforting. D) inexpensive and rational.

17)The stereotyped cottagecore imagery A) offers an opportunity to pay tribute to the past. B) summarizes new limited elements. C) highlights racial and gender issues. D) praises white, female, and colonialism.

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