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Тренировочный вариант №220214 по английскому языку 11 класс решу ЕГЭ 2022


Новый пробный тренировочный вариант №12 КИМ №220214 в форме заданий решу ЕГЭ 2022 года и ответы по английскому языку 11 класс для подготовки на 100 баллов.

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Данный тренировочный тест составлен по новой демоверсии ФИПИ экзамена ЕГЭ 2022 года, к тренировочным заданиям прилагаются правильные ответы и решения.

Решу ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс вариант №12 онлайн:

12)What have researchers discovered about music? 1) Music is a valuable way of improving human well-being. 2) Music undeniably heals people. 3) Music only helps the body. 4) Music is a useless thing.

13)What is the Mozart effect? 1) Talent of Mozart. 2) The influence of Mozart. 3) A phenomenon of his music. 4) The uniqueness Mozart.

14)How does the Mozart effect work? 1) Music creates new neurons. 2) Music makes connections stronger. 3) Music improves mood, thus encouraging people to work better. 4) Music soothes and make people patient.

15)Why is the Mozart effect somewhat notorious? 1) It is devoid of a scientifically proven base. 2) Music of Mozart didn’t help him. 3) The Mozart effect was imposed by the media without solid arguments. 4) It had negative consequences.

16)What does the concept “trendiness” mean? 1) Usefulness. 2) Profitability. 3) Usage. 4) Extreme popularity.

17)The word that the author refers to 1) The experiment of 1993. 2) Linton’s statements. 3) Medieval experience. 4) Recent discovery.

18)According to the article, the conclusion is: 1) The Mozart effect is indisputably influential and beneficial. 2) The research highlights some uncertainties of the Mozart effect. 3) The Mozart effect can help people, but there are some dubious questions without answers. 4) The Mozart effect is a load of rubbish.

19)Since the dawn of prehistoric times, humans always ________ the need to distinguish themselves among others. Lipsticks and facial pants were one of the most noticeable ways to change our appearance. (HAVE)

20)As early civilizations started ________ in the Middle East, North Africa and India, advanced manufacturing processes enabled mankind to finally start producing new kinds of lipsticks. (APPEARE)

21)First ones _______ so were Mesopotamian women, who grinded out precious gems and used their dust to decorate their lips with glimmer and riches around four to five thousand years ago. (DO)

22)Lipsticks can ________ in several types – ordinary lipstick, glossy or glittery lipsticks, chapstick, moisturizing lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balm. (SEPARATE)

23)“Kiss of Death” is a term that is commonly associated with lipstick. It _____ because of the “femme fatale” phenomenon in fiction, but also because some ancient civilizations unknowingly used poisonous materials for making of lipstick. (COIN)

24)Lipsticks _______ widely popular among female population after the rise of black and white movies in Hollywood. (BECOME)

25)It is said that the majority of women ______ around 4.5 LB (2 kg) of lipstick during their lives. (EAT)

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