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Новый тренировочный вариант 210201 по английскому языку 11 класс ЕГЭ 2021 с ответами

Новый тренировочный вариант КИМ №210201 ЕГЭ 2021 по английскому языку для 11 класса с ответами. Вариант составлен из 40 новых тренировочных заданий для проведения пробного ЕГЭ и для самостоятельной подготовки к экзамену на 100 баллов.

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Решу КИМ №210201 ЕГЭ 2021 по английскому языку 11 класс с ответами:

1)If you have ever made soap from scratch or are thinking about it, you should probably know that it can be one of the most frustrating things you will ever do. After learning the process though, a lot of people find it to be one of the best hobbies or crafts they have ever done. Soap making can be a hobby for people, but it can also turn out to be a very profitable business. Before you go rushing into thinking that you are going to just create this beautiful and profitable soap making business, you had better look at some the important features regarding this business.

2)Want to add additional charm and tranquility to your garden? Incorporate a water feature. No matter what size or type of garden you have, there are a number of water features that will fit into any design or space, as well as any budget. A garden pond can add special qualities to nearly any landscape.

3)The art of Scrapbooking has become very popular. Scrapbooking allows you to create memory books that are so much more than the old standard, boring photo albums of yesterday. Using the immense supplies available for you to choose from in your Scrapbooking, you can create memory books that reflect not only your personality: but that also help you to capture the true «essence» of those special memories you want remembered forever.

4)Dog figurines are the perfect gift for the dog lover, and are great for any occasion. I am certain you won’t have a problem finding the dog that goes with the receiver, for example a Shnauzer figurine. Some artists enjoy making amusing ceramic dog figurines that capture human characteristics and portray them in their dogs. Other artists who make detailed pewter or pewter figurines, like to capture the characters of that particular dog breed, such as the Shnauzer or the Schnauzer, or even the Boston Terrier.

5)The craftsmanship involved in creating tiny little porcelain dolls, with jointed limbs, often hand blown inset glass eyes, real mohair wigs is amazing. Add to that the primitive conditions within the factories that many of these dolls were created in, adds to my amazement. Many of these tiny dolls have lasted in excess of 100 years , they have been handled, and played with, loved and often abandoned, only to turn up years later in an attic somewhere.

6)One of the best parts about living in Florida is the easy access to some of the world’s best fishing and boating activities. You’re so close to the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa Bay, and Lake Seminole, that no matter where you look, you’re practically right next to the water. Not to mention Florida’s beautiful beaches and the overall ‘beach’ lifestyle really caters to spending as much time on the water as possible. Not only does the area make it easy to be on the water, but it encourages it!

7)Whilst some people turn green at the thought of spending any time at sea, others delight in the adventure, challenge and experience of being in the middle of the ocean, with no sight of land.The open water is unpredictable; calm and peaceful on one day, powerful and unforgiving the next. In a world where we can often feel the desire to escape from the repetitive patterns of life, setting sail provides a unique opportunity to come face to face with nature.

12)The author decided to go to work abroad because…

  • 1) she felt bored with her life in Liverpool
  • 2) she needed to earn money for charity.
  • 3) she was eager to help people directly.
  • 4) she wanted to see India.

13)How did the author learn about the place she was going to visit?

  • 1) From the letter of a person living at this place.
  • 2) From the charity fund she was working for.
  • 3) From the Internet.
  • 4) From her husband.

14)What was the attitude of the author’s family to her decision?

  • 1) They were happy and wanted to accompany her.
  • 2) They encouraged her to go there.
  • 3) They were opposed to her going there.
  • 4) They respected her decision.

15)How did the author feel after arriving in India?

  • 1) Disappointed.
  • 2) Shocked.
  • 3) Scared.
  • 4) Angry.

16)During her stay in Ananandal the author was happy because…

  • 1) she managed to improve the living conditions of the villagers.
  • 2) the villagers became her close friends and she felt at home.
  • 3) she organized a school with her own money.
  • 4) she learned Hindi.

17)What are the author’s plans for the future?

  • 1) To visit her school in Ananandal as often as possible..
  • 2) To stay in England and raise money for the school.
  • 3) To move to India with her family.
  • 4) Not to leave India any more.

18)The author believes that…

  • 1) she managed to achieve success only thanks to the help of her family.
  • 2) the hard work of her students should be admired.
  • 3) her husband and sons should join her in India.
  • 4) it was a mistake to come back to Liverpool.

19)York lies in the Vale of York, a flat area of fertile arable land__________________ by the Pennines, the North York

20)The city__________________ at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Foss on a terminalmoraine left by the last Ice Age.

21)During Roman times, the land__________________the rivers Ouse and Foss was marshy, making the site easy to defend.

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