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Тренировочная работа №2 статград по английскому языку 9 класс составлена по образцу экзамена ОГЭ 2022 года , 2 тренировочных варианта АЯ2190201, АЯ2190202 с ответами на все задания, официальная дата проведения работы статград 6 апреля 2022 года.

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Письменная часть работы статграда по английскому языку состоит из четырёх разделов, включающих в себя 35 заданий. На выполнение заданий письменной части отводится 2 часа (120 минут).

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Задания и ответы с вариантов:

1)On the 25th of December the Montgomery Department store will

  • 1) work until 5 pm.
  • 2) work from 9 to 9.
  • 3) not work at all.

2)Kathy left this voice message

  • 1) before 2 pm.
  • 2) between 2 pm and 4 pm.
  • 3) after 4 pm.

3)When Wendy’s father says “Mmmm…” he wants to say that

  • 1) what Wendy has bought looks tasty.
  • 2) Wendy has spent too much money.
  • 3) it’s not healthy to carry heavy bags.

4)Mother found Peter in

  • 1) the bathroom.
  • 2) the kitchen.
  • 3) his bedroom.

13)Honey bees cannot live in Africa because of high temperatures.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

14)The main job of the queen bee is to have children.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

15)People shouldn’t be afraid of queen bees – its sting doesn’t hurt.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

16)The number of worker bees is always high in the colony because they live a long life.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

17)Worker bees never leave their homes.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

18)Honey bees have a way of talking to each other.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

19)There are more bee colonies now than there were 15 years ago.

  • 1) True
  • 2) False
  • 3) Not stated

20)When Robert was ten, he had to move together with his family to Canada from his native Australia. It _______________ easy to get used to a new country, a new school, and a new climate. But he soon felt at home.

21)The _________________ time he came to school, his new classmates surrounded him and started asking lots of questions.

22)Facts about Australian animals interested them ___________ than anything else. They were surprised that a friendly koala lived in Robert’s yard. “What did you feed him?” they asked.

23)“We didn’t have to feed him anything!” Robert explained. “Koalas eat ____________ of eucalyptus trees. And there were so many of those trees growing in our yard!”

24)“Koalas are not pets, they are wild animals,” Robert continued. “But they are not afraid of people. Once, I __________ on a bench in our yard, when that koala came so close, I could touch him and even play a little with him!”

25)Robert’s new friends couldn’t stop asking him about Australian wildlife, and Robert was happy that he could answer all of _____________ questions.

26)Suddenly, Jenny asked Robert a question he didn’t expect. “Won’t you miss all these animals in Australia?” she wondered. Robert smiled. “I probably will. But what I really want to see is snow! I ____________ so many animals that are exotic to you, yet the biggest surprise for me will be snow this winter!”

27)Oh, ___________!” said Jenny.

28)“Very soon everything in our town will ___________ in snow!” Everyone laughed happily.

29)Harry lived with his family in Cornwall. In 1997, he turned 9 and for his birthday was given a book which ____________ changed his entire life. His father thought it was great that his son’s full name was on the front cover in the title. And so did Harry.

30)At first, it was cool. But the older he became, the more difficult it was to tell ____________ that his name was Harry Potter.

31)People thought he was joking and sometimes didn’t find this joke very __________ and got annoyed at him when he would insist that he was telling the truth. It was hard to be a real Harry Potter!

32)Harry would often think about ______________ names that other people might be suffering from. Would it be easier to say “My name is Bond. James Bond.”? At least, it was a name of a grown-up character, thought Harry when turning 30.

33)But more than anyone else he felt sorry for the _____________ Germans and Austrians born in the early 1930s and who were called Adolf Hitler. To have a name like that would be a true nightmare after the war.

34)So, Harry decided he should be _______________ for his name. At least it always made people smile!

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