Британский бульдог 7-8 класс ответы и задания 2018-2019


British Bulldog (Британский бульдог) 7-8 класс 2018-2019 дата проведения: 12.12.2018 ( 12 декабря )

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7-8 класс ответы и задания British Bulldog :

1)Why did Barbara call Carol?

2)Why did Carol NOT answer? Because her mobile phone was….

3)What was the matter with Carol? She was……..

4)Why COULDN’T Barbara visit Carol? Because Carol was … . A) against B) in quarantine C) in hospital D) abroad

5)How did Carol feel without studies in Barbara’s opinion? A) Happy B) Scared C) Bored D) Disappointed

6)What did Carol want Barbara to tell her about? A) Gossip B) Homework C) A piece of advice D) The latest news

7)What language does Carol study? A) Japanese B) Russian C) French D) German

8)Which subject does Miss Willis teach? A) French B) Maths C) History D) Geography

9)What day was Miss Willis busy on? On … . A) Thursday B) Friday C) Saturday D) Monday

10)When could Carol call Miss Willis? A) In the morning B) In the afternoon C) In the evening D) At any time

Read the text and answer the questions Once a Lion was asleep and a little Mouse began running up and down him. This soon woke the Lion, who placed his huge paw on the Mouse and opened his big jaws ready to swallow him. “Pardon, King”, cried the little Mouse, “forgive me this time and I’ll never forget it. Who knows what I may be able to do for you one of these days?” The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him that he lifted his paw and let him go. Some time later the Lion was caught in a trap. The hunters, who desired to carry him alive to the King, tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on. Just then the little Mouse happened to pass by. Seeing the unpleasant condition the Lion was in, he went up to him and gnawed away the ropes that bound the King of the Beasts. “Was I not right?” said the little Mouse. “Didn’t I help you?”

11)What was the lion doing when the mouse was on him? A) Sleeping B) Eating C) Hunting D) Walking

12)What woke the lion up? The … . A) Sun B) hunters C) King D) mouse

13)What was the lion going to do? To … the mouse. A) play with B) eat C) look at D) kiss

14)What did the mouse do when the lion caught him? A) He fainted B) He begged for his life C) He ran away D) He said nothing

15)Why did the lion let the mouse go? Because he was … . A) irritated B) amused C) angry D) lazy

16)Why did the lion need help? Because he was … . A) in a hole B) in a snake pit C) in the zoo D) caught by the people

17)Where did the hunters decide to carry the lion to? To … . A) the Zoo B) the King C) the circus D) their children

18)Why did the hunters tie the lion to a tree? Because they needed … . A) a train B) help C) a cart D) instructions

19)Which proverb best describes the moral of this story? A) A friend’s eye is a good mirror B) An apple a day keeps the doctor away C) Little friends may prove great friends D) Better late than never

20)Who is the “King of the Beasts”? The … . A) mouse B) hunter C) author D) lion

21)When she was a child she … . A) used like sweets B) use to like sweets C) used to like sweets D) used to likes sweets

22)I will explain … . A) to you when I will see you B) when I’ll see you C) to you when I see you D) you when I see you

23)How long … ? A) do you know her for B) did you knew her for C) have you known her for D) were you known her for

24)Have you … to Jim’s party? A) be invited too B) was invited too C) also invited D) also been invited

25)She’s the woman … . A) I spoke to her B) I spoke to C) what I spoke to D) which I spoke to her

26)My colleague wants … . A) you stay here B) you to stay here C) that you stay here D) for you staying here

27)We went to London last year, … ? A) are we B) didn’t we C) don’t we D) haven’t we

28)Alan doesn’t like pizza. … . A) But I do B) Neither do Ann C) Nor Mark does D) Nor we are

29)His car broke down and now it … . A) was repaired B) has been repaired C) has being repaired D) is being repaired

30)The lion escaped yesterday but they still … . A) didn’t catched it B) didn’t caught him C) wasn’t caught it D) haven’t caught it

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