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Ответы и задания для 7-8 класса (1 и 2 вариант):

английский язык

Текст 1 варианта:

Russia is the largest country of the world. It lies on a huge territory from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the centre of Europe and its climate in the north, south, east and west is different. In the west for example, the climate is usually mild and wet. At the same time the coldest place on the planet is in the north of Siberia, while in the south of Russia there is a lot of sunshine and the heat in summer can be really terrible.

Текст 2 варианта:

There are hobbies for every personality, lifestyle and budget. Popular hobbies often involve collecting items like coins, stamps, baseball cards. Many people like working with their hands like sewing, embroidery or performing an outdoor activity like clowning, hiking or bird watching. Creating something useful or making things for decoration can be both practical and fun. Acting, play writing, poetry, playing an instrument, collecting stamps, or writing song lyrics are all good ways to spend a quality time. Radio controlled model cars, airplanes, helicopters or boats have opened up a wide spread, interesting activity.

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